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red pepper & mustard egg salad2

Red Pepper & Mustard Egg Salad

This low carb lunch is very flavorful and packed with protein. So easy a kid can do it! Using my own healthy homemade mayonnaise recipe, mustard greens, red bell pepper, cucumber, and my favorite powerhouse: the egg. Roll up your cleaned mustard greens tightly into a ball. Slice the ball as you hold it firmly [...]



rhubarb fool info

Rhubarb Fool

Enjoy this classic sweet and tart treat, that is so easy with only three ingredients! This delicious recipe makes two servings to share with a loved one! We'll be starting off with only 6 rhubarb stalks, half a can of coconut milk, and 4 TBS of honey to create this unique dessert. First all you [...]



juicy baked pork chops

Juicy & Easy Baked Pork Chops

This pork chop recipe is ridiculous. It's ridiculously lip-smacking, and ridiculously easy. Seriously I *almost* feel guilty about posting this as an actual recipe, but clearly not quite guilty enough :) In fact, I use this method of cooking pretty much every variation of meat out there, and I'll show you my short cut! Notice [...]



rhubarb paleo diet food list


Rhubarb is an amazing vegetable that is as versatile as it is delicious. Not as well known as other foods, but quite worth a little investigating! Mostly know for pies, it can also be prepared for a wide variety of savory dishes as well. Here is a short video where I feature an awesome perk [...]