paleo ice cream chocolate almond

Paleo Chocolate Almond Ice Cream

This creamy, chocolaty, crunchy, and yet wholesome ice cream is Paleo, dairy-free and incredibly easy. In fact, I make this ice cream at least once a week for my children during the summer time. With three ingredients, you know this Paleo Chocolate Almond Ice Cream can be made quickly and with zero guilt!  Gather up your [...]


Paleo blackberry muffins

Paleo Blackberry Muffins

These flour-less and perfectly Paleo muffins are made with only three ingredients, and are perfect for breakfast or even dessert. You can whip these Paleo blackberry muffins up quickly and easily with only eggs, bananas, and of course blackberries (or any berry of choice). They're surprisingly easy, delicious, and low carb too! Truly, creating these [...]


paleo carrot salad

Carrot Salad

Here is a very simple, yet delicious salad that is a sure way to satisfy the sweet tooth, fill you up with the protein-rich coconut, and deliver lots of vitamins! It's so easy to make in fact, that I let my kids make this (mostly). My daughter LOVES carrots, so she was quite happy that [...]


top ten paleo hypothyroid foods

Top 10 Paleo Hypothyroid Foods

The Paleo diet for hypothyroidism is gaining huge popularity day by day and it is being considered as a game‑changer diet. An extensive amount of research has been conducted regarding the positive effects of ‘going Paleo’ in the cases of hypothyroidism. A Paleo diet can help to correct thyroid dysfunction by eliminating certain dietary factors [...]

Paleo Lifestyle For Weight Loss

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