16 -soda secrets nobody talks about

16 Secrets About Soda Nobody Talks About

It’s 2016 and most of us have a grip on reality and are already fully aware of the fact that soda isn’t exactly a health food. BUT, you are likely not familiar with the sneaky truck load of soda’s side effects and the destruction it can havoc within our bodies. I’m here to change that. The old [...]


7 awesome paleo indian recipes

7 Awesome Paleo Indian Recipes

Today I wanted to shake things up a bit, and offer you something completely different. How about some amazing Paleo Indian recipes! I love food from around the world; so I am most pleased to introduce you to my guest writer: Alfie Mueeth, from Paleo Diet for Beginners There’s nothing like the warm sensations of [...]


paleo ice cream chocolate almond

Paleo Chocolate Almond Ice Cream

This creamy, chocolaty, crunchy, and yet wholesome ice cream is Paleo, dairy-free and incredibly easy. In fact, I make this ice cream at least once a week for my children during the summer time. With three ingredients, you know this Paleo Chocolate Almond Ice Cream can be made quickly and with zero guilt!  Gather up your [...]


Paleo blackberry muffins

Paleo Blackberry Muffins

These flour-less and perfectly Paleo muffins are made with only three ingredients, and are perfect for breakfast or even dessert. You can whip these Paleo blackberry muffins up quickly and easily with only eggs, bananas, and of course blackberries (or any berry of choice). They're surprisingly easy, delicious, and low carb too! Truly, creating these [...]

Paleo Lifestyle For Weight Loss

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